Continuing Education During COVID-19

NHPA is aware of the concerns regarding COVID-19 and the unique and unusual impact it may be having on your plans to earn CE credits via in-person workshops, especially if your license renewal time is approaching. Note that online trainings are considered the same as face-to-face, in-person trainings IF they are live streamed AND interactive (meaning you can interact with the presenter during the presentation).  ALL of NHPA upcoming workshops are Live Stream.  Click here for our calendar. 


The Governor’s Office has directed that anything COVID-19 related must go through the Governor’s Office and NHPA was just informed that the OPLC is currently revamping the website to update their documents. While the current documents related to COVID-19 pandemic have an end date of December 2020, remote learning is allowed for licensure requirements until the end of Gov. Sununu’s Emergency Order which is still in effect. 

The Board of Psychology did clarify that continuing education requirements for 2021 licensure renewals can be remote and there will continue to be no differentiation between Category A & Category B requirements through the end of Governor Sununu’s emergency order. In other words, do not worry about where you get your CEs (if it is from the approved list or not) or if it’s live, just as long as you get the appropriate number (40 total CEs with 6 credits in Ethics).  Additionally, we were able to clarify that according to the current Board of Psychology rules, there is no requirement that the 6 Ethics CEs must be “live”, and therefore, while ethics training is recommended to be live and interactive (online or face-to-face), you are allowed to earn your 6 Ethics CEs through remote learning.  
*Remote learning = homestudy e.g. reading a book/journal or taking a webinar online that does NOT have to be live and interactive

As always, please be sure to continue to look up the NHPA, OPLC, or the BoP website for current updates related to COVID-19.

  • CLICK HERE for most up to date information on Continuing Education During COVID-19
  • From the NH Board of Psychologists: At its most recent meeting, and in reply to a related question, the Board of Psychologists reiterated that online courses that are live and interactive satisfy the requirement for live continuing education as long as the sponsoring organization qualifies under the category A as indicated in Psyc 402.01: statement%20(1).doc

  • Up to 20 hours of home study courses are accepted by the NH Board of Psychologists (BOP) for Category A credit as long as they are sponsored by an organization on the list found on the BOP website. These options can assist you in avoiding large groups at traditional in-person trainings. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) listed on the BOP website for further clarification:

  • The NHPA April 17th Trust Ethics workshop will now be offered via live stream (using Zoom videoconferencing). This live streamed event will count for 6 Ethics CEs (Category A):

  • NHPA is partnering with the National Register to provide live discounted workshops (scroll down to National Register):

  • How to make the most of telepsychology and steer clear of pitfalls, from APA May, 2017 (Earn 1 home study CE!):

  • Link to Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) website with summaries of state-by-state data. Click on link to “CE Requirement Adjustments” for most recent version of state-by-state summaries, which are updated twice daily:

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