APA Council Representative: Sheila H. Gardner, Ph.D.
This person serves as a liaison between NHPA and APA’s Council of Representatives, encourages interest and participation of NHPA members in APA issues and governance, and contributes to the national dialogue and decision-making of our profession. This person also attends NHPA Board meetings and APA Council meetings. APA’s Council of Representatives is a legislative body with sole authority to set policy and appropriate APA’s revenue. It is composed of elected members from state, provincial, or territorial psychological associations, APA divisions, and the APA Board of Directors.

Board of Psychologists Liaison: Jes Leonard, Ph.D.
This person is appointed by the NHPA President to foster collegial and collaborative relationships between the NHPA Board of Directors and the New Hampshire Board of Psychologists (BOP), the organization that regulates and licenses the psychology profession in the state. Whenever feasible, this person attends public meetings of the BOP to stay updated on the issues being considered and decided by the licensing board for psychologists in NH.

Disaster Resource Network Coordinator: Donna Hastings, Psy.D.
NHPA’s Disaster Response Network (DRN) Coordinator is the state liaison with APA’s DRN and the American Red Cross. DRN members are licensed providers who complete disaster mental health training and volunteer to help after local or national disasters. They do not provide on-site therapy; instead, they help people to problem-solve, make referrals to community resources, advocate for response workers’ and survivors’ needs, provide information, and listen. In addition, DRN members educate the public and media about common reactions to trauma, serve on committees to better prepare for future disasters, and teach courses on disaster mental health. Serving on NHPA’s Disaster Response Network gives you the opportunity to make a difference, to learn more about providing support during and after disasters, and to belong to a supportive group of colleagues devoted to helping people after floods, tornadoes, and mass shootings.

Federal Advocacy Coordinator: Steven C. Atkins, Psy.D.
This person is engaged in grassroots efforts to inform NH psychologists about legislation pertinent to the practice of psychology and to facilitate psychologists’ ability to contact federal legislators. This person is involved with direct lobbying with members of Congress and/or their staff and assists in helping NHPA members to get engaged in lobbying efforts as well.

Public Education Coordinator: Kathryn Robbins, Ph.D.
The Public Education Campaign (PEC) coordinator, appointed by his or her State, Provincial, or Territorial psychological Association (SPTA), serves as the SPTA public education “captain” as well as the PEC liaison between APA and the SPTA. Although each coordinator tailors the campaign to meet local needs, the coordinator often is called upon to:

  • Speak to the media about the public education campaign.
  • Speak at state association meetings, community workshops, or seminars.
  • Hold or help coordinate community outreach activities such as a psychology booth at a local health fair.
  • Serve as a mentor to APA members seeking guidance about how to use PEC materials.
  • Track the use of campaign materials in that state, province, or territory.
  • Attend the APA State Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. for leadership and public education advocacy training.
  • Promote the PEC within the state.

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