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The Member of the Year Award is given to an NHPA member who has made outstanding contributions to the organization. To submit a nomination, click here

2019 Recipient: Dr. Julie Wolter

2018 Recipient: Dr. Jacquelyn Reinert
2017 Recipient: Dr. Sue H. Kim

2016 Recipient: NHPA Ethics Committee

Chair: Dr. Celia Oliver

Members: Dr.Kathleen Albert, Dr. Loretta Brady, Dr. Leisl Bryant, Dr. Cerissa Desrosiers, Dr. Denise Leville, Dr. Bill Newman, Dr. Katerina Tolstikova, and Dr. Cynthia Whitaker

2015 Recipient: NHPA Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Dr. Nancy LeBlanc

Members: Dr. Leisl Bryant, Dr. Everett Moitoza, Dr. Sean Moundas, Dr. Nicole Sawyer, and Dr. Maura Sullivan

The Margaret Riggs Distinguished Contribution Award is given to a NH psychologist who has demonstrated extraordinary skills in teaching, research, or service. To submit a nomination, click here

2019 Recipient: Dr. Karen Couture

Dr. Celia Oliver & Dr. Karen Couture

2018 Recipient: Dr. Thomas Burns
2017 Recipient: Dr. Ronald Royer
2016 Recipient: Dr. Michelle Rice Parsons

 2015 Recipient: Dr. Mary Kathryn Jankowski and Dr. Victoria Banyard

The Distinguished Contribution Award is given to a NH layperson or group of people who made outstanding contributions on behalf of the psychological welfare of people. To submit a nomination, click here

2019 Recipient: NH Department of Corrections, Office of the Forensic Examiner
2018 Recipient: Equality Health Center of Concord
2017 Recipient: Christopher Hickey, EMS

2016 Recipient: New Hampshire Women’s Foundation

2015 Recipient: NAMI New Hampshire’s three Public Speaker programs: In Our Own Voice, Life Interrupted, and Survivor Voices

This year NHPA is honored to announce the creation of a new award to celebrate the life and distinguished career of an inspiring NH Psychologist who passed away earlier this year, Dr. Teresa Bolick. The Teresa Bolick Lifetime Achievement Award was created to honor Dr. Bolick whose life and work established a lofty benchmark for career achievements in psychology.

Dr. Bolick was a nationally recognized expert in autism spectrum disorders. She evaluated and treated many children with autism and was a powerful source of information, support, treatment, and advocacy for individuals with autism and their families. She was a pioneer in the field of autism as the diagnosis of the condition became much more prevalent in the 1990s and 2000s. She consulted to many organizations and schools and other professionals, providing valuable knowledge and experience to people who initially had relatively little understanding of, or experience with, people with autism. Through her work, people with autism were better able to access the education and treatment they needed and many individuals and their families were able to live fuller and more independent lives. Her work consisted of multiple publications on autism, service on important councils and commissions on autism, an adjunct faculty position, multiple formal consultative relationships, and most importantly, ongoing clinical work.

The impact of Dr. Bolick’s life and work continues to be felt far and wide. She was a much loved and deeply respected colleague who literally changed the world for many individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. With the creation of this award NHPA intends to honor and celebrate Dr. Bolick by identifying and awarding psychologists in New Hampshire who have made a clear and lasting impact on students, patients and other consumers, colleagues, or other professionals through their work in the field of psychology over the course of their career. To submit a nomination, click here

2019 Recipient: Dr. Judith Rowan

2017 Recipient: Dr. William Gunn