Licensure & Practice Across State Lines During COVID-19

As a result of the crisis, several governors have relaxed or suspended regulations concerning interjurisdictional telepsychology practice. However, the devil is in the details. Some of states' emergency orders allow for interjurisdictional telepsychology practice without notifying the state while others require you to notify the state and fill out forms before you can see patients. Some orders allow you to only see existing patients while others are more expansive. The ASPPB is tracking it all.

Update on Emergency Licensing in the neighboring states (as of 06/23/2021)


For those with Emergency Licenses:
The emergency order has not yet been lifted. It is set to end on June 30th. Emergency temporary licenses are valid for 60 days thereafter.

For those without Maine Emergency License: they allow for CONSULTATION only

From the Maine Board: “The Board's rules permit ‘occasional services’ by a psychologist licensed in another jurisdiction for up to 10 days within a calendar year (with proper notification to the Board); however, only consultation (not therapy) is permitted as an occasional service. This is described in Chapter 9, section 3” (Thank you Mark)


From the Licensing Board: “Our PSYPACT bill has not been officially enacted into law, but that should happen in July. We are looking at early 2022 for psychologists to begin practicing interjurisdictionally.” (Thank you Mark)


For those who had the emergency license, the expiration date has been extended to 9/15/21

Here's the link to the document (Thank you BHAC):

For those without emergency license:
From the Mass Board: “Law states that if you are a psychologist licensed in a state other than Massachusetts, you may consult (practice psychology) in Massachusetts no more than one day a month. The board’s interpretation of that law is that you can practice one day a month OR no more than 12 days a year. Any part of a day, however brief, is a day. It is not necessary to notify the Board prior to practicing.

PSYPACT update for MA

Mass does NOT have any pending or upcoming legislation related to PsyPact


From the VT Board: 
“At this time one who is licensed and in good standing in another state can provide teletherapy to someone in Vermont until 3/31/22.  After this date one would be required to be licensed in Vermont to continue this.”

From their website: 
“Out-of-State Licensees of Health care providers, including mental health care providers, who hold a license, in good standing, in another U.S. jurisdiction may provide telehealth services to Vermonters without obtaining a license to practice in Vermont. Under H. 742, such health providers are “deemed” licensed, registered or certified in Vermont to provide health care services to Vermonters.  The health care provider’s license from the other U.S. jurisdiction must be in good standing and there must not be any disciplinary action pending against the license. Further, the health care provider must not be affirmatively barred from practice in Vermont by reason of fraud or abuse, patient care or public safety.”

PSYPACT update for VT
Pending Legislation (In committee as of 03/09/2021)

Potential Resources:

While it does not seem that this has been accurately updated, ASPPB has tried to collect information regarding different state emergency licensing requirements

Also, this website was found to be a hub of information for all state licensing requirements (outside of the emergency license timing) ASPPB’s Centre for Data and Analysis on Psychology Licensure (the Centre) website (

PSYPACT updates by state can be found on this page:

1/15/2021 What to know about doing telehealth in a different state Answers to the most commonly asked questions about practicing telehealth across state lines.

4/9/2020 APA article on telehealth guidance by state during COVID-19, with link to summary of telehealth policies by state

State-specific resources



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