Board of Directors (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Past President:
President Elect:

Jes Leonard, Ph.D.
Celia Oliver, Ph.D., Psy.D
Brittany St. Jean, Psy.D.
Sheila Gaphardt, Psy.D.
Cerissa Desrosiers, Psy.D.

Jes Leonard, Ph.D.

President, NHPA Liaison to the Board of Psychologists, APA Council of Representatives

I am a strong proponent of collegiality and professional relationships as well as a promoter of high quality and ethical treatment to our clients. I appreciate NHPA's long-standing tradition in both of these areas; therefore I joined to assist in promoting NHPA's mission for our current providers and their clients.

Years on Board: 5

Practice Location: Lifestance Health (formally known as The Counseling Center of Nashua/New England), offices in Londonderry and Exeter, NH.

Professional Interest Areas: I work with adults providing both individual and group therapy. I am trained as a generalist, but specialize in trauma work, specifically in the area of sexual trauma. I am trained in ACT, CBT, CPT, PE, IFS, and DBT skills. Though my clinical hours have shifted a bit, I am currently the Training Director for post-doc and practicum students as well as the Regional Clinical Assessment Director for NH/ME at Lifestance Health.

Committee Work: Board of Psychologist Liaison, Early Career Psychologists Committee interim co-chair

Celia Oliver, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Past President, Ethics Committee Chair, NHPA Liaison to the Board of Psychologists

Years on board: 15

Practice Location: Retired from Private Practice in Peterborough, NH

Professional Interest Areas: Cognitive-behavioral therapy, specializing in the treatment of anxiety and autism spectrum disorders  in children, teens, and adults; ethics in clinical practice

Committee Work: Chair of the Ethics Committee (on committee since 2005)

Brittany St. Jean, Psy.D.

President-Elect 2022-2023        

One of my favorite things about being a psychologist is having the opportunity to connect with others who share the common goal of providing quality psychological care and advocating for the individuals we serve. I joined the board to be a part of something greater than myself, and to be an agent of change. I’m deeply committed to strengthening New Hampshire communities and improving access to mental health care across the state, which aligns with NHPA’s value of practicing psychology to promote human welfare. It’s an honor to be part of the NHPA’s  dedicated group of psychologists working together to better our profession and our state.

Years on board: 3

Practice Location: Currently practicing across the Merrimack School District and southern NH region; adjunct faculty member at Rivier University

Professional Interest Areas: Consultation, psychological assessment for children and adolescents, trauma-informed care (TF-CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and school psychology

Committee Work: Behavioral Healthcare Advocacy Committee (BHAC) Member

Sheila Gaphardt, Psy.D.


 It's fun and fulfilling to be connected with other energetic and caring psychologists, all working to enhance the welfare of our  profession and improve services to clients in NH.

Years on board: 3

Practice Location: Lifestance Health (formally known as The Counseling Center of Nashua/New England) office in Nashua, NH

Professional Interest Areas: Although I am trained as a generalist, I most frequently work with clients who are seeking to address anxiety, anger, trauma, and/or phase of life challenges. I practice primarily from an ACT perspective, but am also trained in CBT, CPT, PE, IFS, and DBT skills. 

Committee Work: Continuing Education

James Bomersbach, Ph.D.

Legislative Committee Chair

Years on board: 2
Practice Location: State Government Agency in Concord, NH
Professional Interest Areas: Forensic psychology, measurement and assessment, legislative advocacy
Committee Work: Legislative Committee

John Cabibi, Ph.D.

Member-At-Large (2022-2024)

I have been involved in NHPA at some level since moving to NH 46 years ago and continuously for the last 10 years. Most recently, I was the Chair of the Professional Affairs and Professional Wills Committees and am presently a member of the Behavioral Health Advocacy Committee. Membership and participation in NHPA is part of my identity and supports the role of a professional in psychology. My goal is, and has been, to enhance the awareness of the profession in the community at large and in the insurance industry to enable career psychologists to provide their services to the public; and for the value of their service to be recognized and fairly compensated. 

Years on board: 10+ years

Practice Location: Retired from private therapeutic and evaluative practice. Now available for consultation and supervision.  Former experience at NH State Hospital, Clinical evaluation and consultation to public schools, placement in private schools and treatment facilities, consultation to courts and police departments

Professional Interest Areas: CBT, Mindfulness, adolescence and non-verbal communication

Personal Interests: Photography, Fly Fishing, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Good Food, Etymology of Words

Committee Work: Currently member of BHAC.

Past Work: Chair of Professional Affairs, Professional Wills, Board Secretary, Grass-roots Liaison to APA, Liaison to NH Mental Health Coalition. Over the years I have participated on numerous other committees and have frequently testified before the NH Legislature.

Stefanie Griffin, Ph.D.

Member-At-Large (2021-2023)

When I first moved to NH over 15 years ago, I wasn’t certain whether NHPA was a good fit for  me, given  my focus in neuropsychological evaluation. As a member, I have come to understand  the importance that  NHPA plays in advocating for all psychologists and for individuals seeking psychological services of all forms  in New Hampshire. I’ve enjoyed serving on the Behavioral  Healthcare Advocacy Committee over the last couple of years and look forward to continuing to  bring the perspective of a clinical neuropsychologist to bear on the work of NHPA as a Member-At-Large.

Years on board: 2

Practice Location: Northeast Evaluation Specialists, Dover, NH

Professional Interest Areas: neuropsychological assessment of adults; dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and neurodevelopmental disorders

Committee Work: Behavioral Healthcare Advocacy Committee (BHAC)

Natasha Haughton, Ph.D.

Member At-Large (2021-2023), Inclusion & Equity Committee Co-Chair

 Committee Work: Inclusion & Equity Co-Chair 

Sue H. Kim, Ph.D.

Membership Committee Chair

As a clinician in solo private practice, I appreciate how NHPA has given me connections with talented and dedicated clinicians from all over the state. I like being part of a hard-working team of people who want to improve mental health services for the citizens of NH, who want to support clinicians to be successful, and who want to apply psychological knowledge and skills to tackle systemic injustices like racism. 

 Years on board: 9
 Practice Location: Private Practice in Wilton, NH
 Professional Interest Areas: 
Providing individual and family therapy for adolescents and adults; treating  depression, anxiety, trauma, identity exploration.
 Committee Work: Continuing Education, BHAC, Early Career, Membership, Inclusion & Equity

Tracy Robinson-Wood, Ed.D.

Member At-Large (2022-2024), Inclusion & Equity Committee Co-Chair

Committee Work: Continuing Education, Inclusion & Equity Co-Chair

Lindsey Staples, Ph.D.

Member At-Large (2022-2024)

It is important for New Hampshire psychologists to stay connected in order to support each other and the clients we serve. I am grateful to be included among such a passionate and kindhearted group of individuals. I have valued the opportunity to join NHPA in advancing the practice and in providing advocacy efforts in the behavioral health space.

Years on Board: 1
Practice Location: 
Staples Counseling, LLC - Concord, NH
Professional Interest Areas:
 Obsessive compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, dialectical behavior therapy
Committee Work:
 Behavioral Healthcare Advocacy Committee (BHAC)

Cynthia Whitaker, Psy.D. MLADC

HR Chair, Interim Treasurer (2022-2023)

I was the only psychologist within my work setting for many years. Being part of the NHPA Ethics Committee and now the Board of NHPA has given me the opportunity to continue to be challenged and grow as a psychologist. I appreciate all that others have shared with me as a member of NHPA.

Years on Board: 6
Practice Location: 
President & CEO, Greater Nashua Mental Health (GNMH)
Professional Interest Areas: Working with individuals who are Deaf or Hard-Of-Hearing, Community Psychology, Wholistic Treatment, Treatment Courts, Public Health, Consultation, and Teaching
Committee Work: Ethics Committee since 2014

Julie Wolter, Psy.D.

Behavioral Healthcare Advocacy Committee Chair

I enjoy advocating for the future of psychologists in a fast-changing healthcare system.  As systems change and  research advances, we must continue to prioritize the importance of the therapeutic relationship in healing.  It’s an  honor to be a part of a dedicated group of psychologists who care about both the health of the profession and the  health of the New Hampshire community.

 Years on board: 4

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