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What Psychologists Need to Know about the Board of Psychology Rules Revisions

First and foremost, the rules as approved by the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR), are posted on the  NH Board of Psychologists (BOP) web page at the following link: https://www.oplc.nh.gov/psychologists/laws-rules.htm.   The Rules (psyc 100-500) and the governing Statute (NH RSA 329-B) are both present on this page.  The current rules represent part one of three parts in the rulemaking process.  The posted rules are the current rules of operation for Psychology Licensure in the state of NH, approved by JLCAR last Summer, and include all the rules relevant for obtaining, renewing, and maintaining your license.

Part two comes in the form of HB 650-fn (https://legiscan.com/NH/text/HB650/2017), currently passed through the House ED&A Committee, and soon to be approved by the Senate ED&A Committee.  This is a housekeeping bill that affects the statute, and some specific administrative rules, and is designed to carry forward the privacy protections for patients, and other specific modifications to rules that were originally included in HB 1508 from 2012 (now officially 2012 Chapter law Chapter 269), as well as changes to the statute that support these protections.

Part Three will be coming in the future, and will consist of rules governing Telepsychology in the state of NH, and the operation of the Psychologists Health Program, an alternative dispute resolution program authorized by NH RSA 329-B, but not yet developed by the BOP.  This will probably not be out for at least another year.

What have our new rules enabled for us?

  • Having a Psychologist Board Investigator overseeing all Formal and Informal investigations of Psychologist Licensees.
  • Always being informed when an allegation of misconduct has been registered against you, even if the BOP does not pursue it.
  • A clear and transparent process for the resolution of Allegations of Misconduct and Complaints.
  • Licensure requirements that match the requirements for the CPQ credential and reciprocity with the other states, for ease of mobility.
  • Clear standards for licensure and an expedited time frame for new licensees.
  • and many many other changes and improvements, too numerous to enumerate here.


And….This Just In~

According to Dr. Steven Atkins, the current Chair of the BOP, there will be an announcement from the BOP within the next month that Licensure renewals will be returning to June 30th for all licensees.  We do not have specifics yet as to how they will handle dues, but the BOP will be splitting the pool of licensees into two groups based on the date of their renewal, and half will be renewed this June (2017), and the other half will be renewed the following June (2018). Dr. Atkins recommended that getting licensure applications in early will be a good idea as opposed to waiting until the last minute so that licensees can know that their renewal was approved before the deadline has passed.

Make no mistake, NHPA advocates for you!