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NHPA’s Statement on Representative Fisher

The New Hampshire Psychological Association (NHPA) strongly condemns the views expressed by Rep. Robert Fisher in his online Reddit postings, especially with regards to his comments on rape and his misogynistic views of women. As the creator of Red Pill, Mr Fisher has fostered a culture that openly expresses views that appear to accept and even endorse sex crimes. Further, in Mr Fisher’s statement explaining these activities, he displays a lack of insight into or remorse for these actions. Nor does he appear to accept any ownership of the consequences of promoting these views.

The NHPA would like to strongly clarify that these attitudes and beliefs are damaging to victims and their families, perpetuate deviant sexual and gender beliefs, and they actively work against therapeutic efforts to foster basic safety expectations in survivors of sexual assault. In New Hampshire (NH), nearly one in five women and one in seventy-one men will be sexually assaulted across their lifetime. Approximately 44% of women and 24% of men will experience sexual coercion or unwanted sexual contact[1]. As psychologists we are aware of the serious consequences for the individuals and families affected by these experiences. These consequences should be of concern to us all, as they impact individuals and the community across mental health, physical health, social, justice, and economic domains.

Rep. Robert Fisher’s statements call into question his capacity to advocate for and represent a sub-set of his constituents who are the survivors and family members of survivors of sexual assault. They also call into question his judgement in understanding and being able to advocate for the basic safety needs of the community, both online and offline. It is the opinion of the NHPA that through his online activities and subsequent statements, Rep. Fisher has fallen far below the standard of what citizens have a right to expect of legislators in New Hampshire and calls into question his ability to serve as a representative.

As advocates for the health and wellbeing of our community, the NHPA calls on all NH legislators to challenge any culture within their own circles that supports discrimination or intimidation, or undermines the mental health of their constituents. We also encourage them to reflect on the message sent by silence and we applaud those who speak out and against this culture. Further, we call on NH representatives to support legislation providing services for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and the treatment of trauma associated with such abuse.

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For over fifty years the New Hampshire Psychological Association has been the voice of psychology in the State of New Hampshire and a steadfast champion of the mental health community. Operating from a positive core – grounded in compassion, dedication to the field, and community-mindedness – NHPA’s mission is to advance psychology as a science, as a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare.

[1] From Finkelhor, D. (2015). Crimes Against Children Research Center Fact Sheet, CDC & National Institute of Justice (1998), Global violence against children survey; Black M.C. et al (2010). National intimate partner and sexual violence survey; NH data from NH violence against women survey