Welcome to New Hampshire Psychological Association

NHPA In Washington, DC

Upon returning from my very first CESSPA (Council of Executives of State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations) and PLC (Practice Leadership Conference) that was held back to back in D.C. in early March, I find myself speaking in acronyms like never before!

The CESSPA 2 day intensive meeting of all Executive Directors from around the country was absolutely eye opening and educational to say the least.  I made fast friends with some of the small local states near us here in NH as well as some of the larger states from afar. The meeting left me feeling extremely supported by my colleagues in arms as well as by APA as a whole.  There are amazing resources at our fingertips to utilize at our state level that APA has worked diligently to create for use as we see fit.

As I sat through workshops and speakers at the PLC with NHPA Board members, who gave of their own time to attend, I found yet another bucket of helpful information that will support our work and mission of NHPA on a daily basis.  Upon my return I put pen to paper and drafted a list of things we can look into to help streamline our systems, save money and govern us into the future. We will be utilizing this list throughout the next year to see which ideas may fit nicely into our NHPA work.  I’ve posted a few fun photos taken at the Conference. If you have ever been interested in the workings of a state organization or what this important section of APA does on your behalf, I am happy to share the detail!