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8/10/18: The Intersectionality of ASD, Gender, and Treatment: Initial Stages for Psychotherapists
7/6/18: It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart…
4/13/18: When Adults Have Guardians
3/02/18: Threat Assessments
2/23/18: #metoo
2/9/18: Liability Coverage After Death of Psychologist
1/12/18: The Journey, Leadership & Resilience
12/22/17: Our Endangered Species: Psychological Testing
12/15/17: Confidentiality After Death
12/8/17: Caring For Each Other
12/1/17: Giving Back By Getting Involved
11/17/17: NHPA’s Website
11/10/17: Humans and Heroes
11/3/17: An Update
10/20/17: The Pain Of OCD
10/13/17: Board Confusion
9/8/17: Keep Your Toys
8/25/17: Transgender Awareness
8/4/17: School & Anxiety
6/23/17: Tips On Licensure
6/9/17: The Vagus Nerve
5/12/17: Social-Emotional Skills & Learning