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NHPA provides this service as a way for you to find psychologists who are located near you and provide the services you are seeking. Upon submitting the form below, you will receive a list of psychologists whose self-described services match the needs you specify.

NHPA encourages you to consider contacting the office of more than one psychologist by phone before choosing one with whom you wish to make an appointment. You may want to ask about the psychologist’s experience with patients/clients in similar situations as yours, their background and training, and the type and cost of services provided. Remember that many psychologists will be in session with patients/clients when you call, so you may need to leave a message as to where and when the psychologist can return your call.

Disclaimer: The NHPA Referral Service lists licensed psychologists in New Hampshire who are NHPA members. The listing of psychologists’ practice areas/specialties is based on self-reporting. As such, NHPA does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information contained in the NHPA Referral Service. In addition, NHPA does not endorse or rate any of the psychologists listed. Searching this directory is voluntary, and NHPA is not liable for the services received or any damages that may occur. You should verify any information with the psychologist’s office, confirm their good standing with the NH Board of Psychologists, and make a determination as to whether a particular psychologist is appropriate for you.

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Jennifer Abraham
Psychologist, Ph.D.
South Central/Merrimack
(603) 217-5320
Joan Abramson
(617) 513-5174
Scott Adams
Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
South Central/Merrimack
(603) 668-3050
Kathleen Albert
Neuropsychologist, PhD
South Central/Merrimack
(207) 808-9711
Taylor Allard
South Central/Merrimack
(603) 247-4532
Bruce Altman
clinical psychology, Psy.D.
(603) 427-1428
Tracey Alysson
(570) 269-5581
Vicki Anderson
Rachel Armstrong