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What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know: Getting Answers To Sticky Legal And Ethical Situations That Catch Clinicians By Surprise

Friday, June 23, 2017

This unique & engaging Ethics CE will prepare you for high risk situations. Develop strategies to protect yourself and your clients. Learn about cases specific to New Hampshire and the issues that repeatedly lead to licensing board complaints.

Despite their best intentions, practitioners can find themselves caught up in surprisingly complex ethical and legal dilemmas.  Oftentimes, clients’ changing personal circumstances, which can include litigation matters, make their way into the clinical work, creating potentially difficult legal and ethical situations.

Having a successful strategy for how to approach legal and ethical situations that arise in your practice can minimize your stress levels and protect both you and your clients from potentially bad outcomes.  To that end, this workshop will focus on:

  • How to anticipate and prepare for a range of potentially high-risk situations (e.g., clients’ separation/divorce proceedings, boundary violations in therapy, transitioning roles from individual counselor to couples counselor or vice versa, confidentiality issues when treating minors, problems arising from family members or friends of the identified patient being present in the therapy room, etc.).
  • Understanding when it is appropriate to go to Court and clarifying the very different roles of a treating clinician and mental health expert in the courtroom, delineating how those differences (if not understood and addressed) can result in serious risk to the clinician, and highlighting the potential dangers of advocacy in the courtroom outside of the role of expert witness.
  • How to respond to a subpoena, explain to your client the risks of having you testify in their court case, and handle mandated reporting situations while maintaining trust and connection with your client.
  • The most common issues that lead to board complaints against mental health professionals in New Hampshire (both through the Board of Psychologists and Board of Mental Health Practice), including strategies and tips for how to foresee and minimize these difficulties, as well as the potentially adverse impact of them on the therapeutic relationship. 
  • Concrete ways to utilize consultation and documentation to help protect yourself and your practice from adverse outcomes.

This workshop will discuss real-world cases and scenarios and will include both didactic and experiential learning to support participants’ concrete application of concepts to their own day-to-day practice.  Additionally, there will be time for discussion with the presenters and your fellow colleagues.



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