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Understanding Gender Diversity and Related Mental Health Supports

Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Rivier Counseling & School Psychology Doctoral Program, in partnership with the New Hampshire Psychological Association and APA Trust, presents its first annual Diversity Conference. This year’s half-day conference topic highlights the significance of developing a comprehensive understanding and consideration of gender diversity in clinical, academic, and professional settings. 

This conference is designed for students, faculty, and professionals and features presentations on the mental health needs of the transgender community, the intersection of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and personal transgender experiences.

Individuals have the option of registering for the conference as well as the student and early career psychologist networking luncheon. 

Presentation Descriptions:

In the first presentation of three speakers, Dr. Paul Cody will provide an overview of the mental health needs of the transgender community. The impact of prejudice, discrimination, and microaggressions on these individuals’ lives and functioning will be discussed. Mental health service providers will be informed how they can offer trans affirmative services. The importance of ongoing education will be highlighted. 

Following Dr. Cody’s presentation, Dr. Jacquelyn Reinert will provide a brief overview of the research and theories examining the intersection of gender identity and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The prevalence, associated risk, challenges, and emerging clinical guidelines for affirmative assessment and treatment for adolescents will be discussed. Lastly, a short case presentation will provide the catalyst for break-out discussion regarding treatment recommendations.

In the last presentation, Devon Church will discuss various cultural aspects of the transgender experience. Potential clinical manifestations and implications for clinicians based on currently available research in the area of transgender health will be discussed. Challenges, barriers and opportunities presented by the experience of being transgender will be explored.

Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to help participants: 

1. Develop increased awareness of the impact of negative incidents on transgender individuals and their mental health.

2. Increase information about how to provide trans affirmative mental health services. 

3. Increase and enhance their commitment to provide culturally competent services to this community. 

4. Acquire a basic understanding of the varying theories exploring the interaction of gender identity and ASD.

5. Learn about and identify unique challenges ASD adolescents who identify as trans face.  

6. Increase baseline understanding regarding cultural norms of this community and how they impact clinical encounters.

7. Recognize variations in transgender communities and the associated clinical importance.

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