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Adding Teletherapy to Your Practice: Setting it up, Managing Risk, and Working with Insurance

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Co-sponsored by Rivier University, Nashua, NH

This presentation provides an introduction into the practical elements and legal/ethical issues involved in adding teletherapy to an existing clinical practice.  While there has been greater emphasis on educating psychologists about the efficacy and outcome research on teletherapy, there are fewer resources for psychologists in existing practices to tackle the practical challenges related to adding teletherapy to their list of services.  This training will build on the evidence-based knowledge psychologists have about the efficacy and effectiveness of teletherapy and provide the necessary practical knowledge to assist them in incorporating teletherapy into their practice.  Participants will be taught about important considerations related to interjurisdictional licensing, HIPAA-related privacy concerns, changes to informed consent, and other risk management strategies, so that they can continue to operate within the bounds of our Ethics Code and New Hampshire laws and regulations as they work to adopt this practice.  Finally, other practical knowledge will be included, such as choosing the necessary equipment and software platforms, how to set up the equipment to maximize their therapeutic effectiveness, considerations for billing insurance for teletherapy.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe relevant telehealth practice guidelines for psychologists
  2. Identify the steps required to set up a telehealth practice
  3. Summarize common ethical, legal, and regulatory aspects of telehealth practice
  4. Recognize interjurisdictional licensing issues
  5. Summarize health plan coverage and payment issues


Jennifer B. Warkentin, Ph.D. is the Director of Professional Affairs (DPA) for the Massachusetts Psychological Association.  Her work includes engaging in legislative, regulatory, and health plan advocacy efforts, participating in various behavioral health task forces and work groups, and providing professional consultations and educational materials to members.  Through her private practice, JBW Psychological Services, she specializes in the assessment and treatment of older adults, as well as providing trainings and presentations for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities on a range of topics.

Jennifer B. Warkentin, Ph.D.

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