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News In Brief 12/1/17

Giving Back by Getting Involved

Season’s greetings all!

With the passing of Thanksgiving, we all have presumably gone through a time of becoming more conscious than usual of the people and things we are thankful for –family, friends, colleagues, mentors and other benefactors, perhaps a favorite computer program or phone app…

As we now turn to Christmas and the other holidays – including New Year’s and a time of resolutions, I would like to suggest that now is the time to think about what you can do to be someone who other people are thankful for. And while I am open to all manner of ways to accomplish this worthy goal, as the past president of NHPA writing one of our weekly NIB’s, I am of course biased towards the ways folks could do this by volunteering for a position or activity related to our fine association.

The Board of Directors of NHPA would love to have new members! Our committees are also starving for new members to help extend the work they do on behalf of all of us, and we have volunteer opportunities through Change Direction in New Hampshire to respond to needs in your very own community.

I realize you have heard this type of message from me before. Rest assured, only some small part of my motivation is self-serving and wanting folks to come aboard to help me. By far the larger reason for my ask: I genuinely believe in the mission(s) of NHPA – at its essence, to serve the needs of all psychologists (and related professions) in New Hampshire. I am now an LCP (Late Career Psychologist) and previously spent many years on the sidelines of NHPA. Knowing what I now know, having gotten involved in our association relatively late in the game, I am very glad I got involved in NHPA governance before I retired. My involvement has made my career richer and more satisfying than it ever would have been otherwise.

I humbly request that you heed this message about what you could be missing on your life and career resume. The holiday season is the perfect time to give, and to give back, including to our profession and our association. As always, you can contact the NHPA office to discuss your interest in becoming involved: office@nhpsychology.org

Happy holidays,
Craig E. Stenslie, Ph.D., NHPA Past President